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Introducing one of our projects at Alaya Ubud, Bali. “Manisan” an Indonesian restaurant “Pendopo Joglo Ukir”, Joglo lobby and wedding joglo beautifully carved. Working with PT. Tunas Jaya Sanur, PT. Wijaya Tribwana International and Ground Kent Architect. Having become outstanding masterpieces of art Joglo ever in Bali, Indonesia. It brings you to a ricefield village & green atmosphere. Eco friendly & anti earthquake.
Truly Joglo Kudus is your ONE STOP SOLUTION for your Joglo & other wooden house types for your home, villa, hotel or restaurant. Specialized in recycled teak supply and custom wooden houses and carved Javanese Joglo.
Info & Inquiry:

Telp/Whatsapp: (+62) 08112724234

Facebook: Arif Joglo Java Bali


Worldwide shipping and installation since 1997


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